Hawaii is a beautiful vacation spot. The history, the culture, the weather and of course, the beaches and weather are all rich and incredible. Hearing people who vacationed in Hawaii say they didn’t want to come back is very common and frankly, you cannot blame them. Surfing on the mesmerizing waters of Hawaii is a favorite activity, and there are a lot of options when it comes to surfing schools … maybe even way too many to choose from. Some of the best surfing schools are listed below with some details on why you should consider them during your next visit or the next time you feel like picking up surfing if you’re a local.

Maui Surf Schools

  • Aloha Ocean Adventures: One of the only Hawaiian owned and operated surf schools in town. The authenticity mixes with the expertise and the friendliness of the instructors and creates a family-like vibe for the students. This surfing school is located on the lovely Kalama Park. Focusing on private, semi-private and group lessons, the surf school will be one for the memories.
  • Surfer Girls: operating in Thousand Peaks, this female-owned surfing school offers classes at the Ukumehame beach park as the only surfing school allowed to teach at this beach. They offer beginners classes, advanced classes and private and group classes for you and your family.

Oahu Surf Schools

  • Gone Surfing: On the busiest beaches in Hawaii, Waikiki, this school also offers island tours and canoe surfing and rental equipment if you already are an expert surfer. They also offer beginner level classes and advanced classes for 1-on-1 lessons with an instructor.
  • Active Oahu Tours: Mostly focusing on adventurous water activities, surfers with some experience will benefit from this school more thanks to the nice strong breaks the North Shore has to offer. Beginners will be enjoying less strong waves on the Hukilau Beach Park on the North Shore before they are advanced enough to visit North Shore itself.

Big Island Surf Schools

  • Ocean Eco Tours: This is the perfect surfing school for beginners on Big Island. The area where the school is protected from big, strong waves which makes it an ideal location for first timers. Offering private lessons and group lessons, this activity can be enjoyable and adventurous. Especially when done in a big group.
  • Kona Mikes Surf Adventure: One of the most popular surfing schools in Kona, Kona Mikes Adventures has reliable and professional teachers and a friendly environment. They offer classes for different levels and have private and group lessons.

Kauai Surf Schools

  • Poipu Beach Surf School: Operating on a family-friendly beach, Poipu beach surfing school is the first choice of families visiting the beach. They offer beginner lessons, a special type of lesson just for the kids and a more hands-on lesson for the more advanced surfers.

How To Choose?

Picking a surfing school may sound confusing since there are too many options, but all you need is to remember what the most important thing to you is and your location.

  • Are you a beginner wanting to become advanced within a couple of weeks? Choose a surfing school that offers bundles.
  • Are you just in it for the vacation? Chose a surfing lesson package that comes with pictures and merch that you can buy.
  • Are you a beginner that wants to learn in time? Chose the school closest to you with the best instructors.
  • Are you also interested in learning more about Hawaii and the Hawaiian culture? Chose a Hawaiian owned and operated surfing school like Aloha Ocean Adventures.

It doesn’t matter what you want. There is a surfing school that will satisfy your needs.