Surfing is a fun activity. It looks cool, tones up your body and it’s a sport you can consistently improve yourself and become better at. When it comes to learning how to surf, you cannot just pick a surfboard from any sports equipment store and expect your body to know what it is doing, you need to learn from the experts of the sport to assure you are safe and have the maximum amount of knowledge for your skill level. There are a lot of surf schools all over the world. Expertise, price, included amenities and everything else about the school will depend on your location and budget. Let’s look at some of the world’s most famous surf schools around the world to give you a couple of options.

Surf n Sol

Kauai, Hawaii

The best place to surf is always Hawaii. The weather and marine conditions make the islands such an incredible sight to the eyes and a beautiful place to ride some waves. Surf n Sol offers multi-day programs that include more activities than just surfing like yoga, massages and beachside digs for you to enjoy before or after your classes. You can choose to have private or group lessons with a small group and learn everything about surfing there is. It is an excellent location with a low-key vibe and incredible scenic views. As a bonus, sometimes, you can see humpback whales sprouting which is something no one would want to miss.

WildMex Surf Camp

Sayulita, Mexico

WildMex surf camp is on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico. Access trips Surf Camp may be located far from where most of the tourists are, but it is packed with people who want to learn everything there is to know about surfing from proper attire to how to handle the most vicious waves from experienced instructors. They offer weeklong programs that take beginners and turn them into intermediate level surfers by starting with shallow waters and continuing to increase the hardness level throughout the week.

Corey’s Wave

Montauk, New York

We know New York is not usually the number one place that pops in your head when you think of surfing. This surfing school is open to everyone from beginner to expert. However, the weather, marine and beach conditions make this a preferred spot for more experienced surfers looking to become experts in the sport. The water is usually cold, the wind is high, and the beach is somewhat rocky, but the lively and friendly instructors make sure to keep an eye on your safety as well as the learning curve, so they don’t let you do anything out of your knowledge level that would be dangerous for you or the people around you.

Rusty Miller Surf

Byron Bay, Australia

This beachline is full of fun, eccentric people and activities like crystal healers and astrologers as well as being the home of the 1965 U.S surfing champion, Rust Miller. Miller has been surfing for longer than 50 years and considered the sport a lifestyle. He teaches private and small group lessons on the beach and also explains how to respect and love the ocean.

Aloha Ocean Adventures

Kihei, HI

Of course, we couldn’t leave ourselves off this list. And, while we’re not famous, yet, we are unique. As the only Hawaiian owned and operated surf school on Maui, we feel like that makes us remarkable. Surfing plays a vital role in Hawaiian history, culture, and religion. Many schools can teach you how to surf and respect the ocean. Very few can help you understand the culture and rich traditions of surfing from a native Hawaiian point of view. Surfing is our history and culture, and you become Ohana (family) when you surf with us.

All over the world, there are many different surfing schools. Consider your skill level, budget, and location before deciding on which one to attend and make the most of your experience once you are there. Enjoy learning a new sport, meeting people and vacationing under the sun for as long as you can. You deserve it, after all.