Who wouldn’t want to surf the cool waves of the ocean? Feeling like you are walking on top of the water or like you are flying does sound amazing, for sure. Hawaii is a primal surfing spot with incredible beaches to ride the waves. But where are you going to learn how to surf? Sure, you can rent out equipment from your hotel or local sports equipment shop and try to get a hold of it on your own, but the chances of hurting yourself before you even get to stand on the surfboard are quite high. That is why you should consider going to a surf school. A surf school is a school that offers surfing lessons for every level of surfing abilities from complete beginner to advanced, helping you achieve your surfing goals.

Going to a surfing school has more benefits than just a faster learning curve. A surfing school will teach you if you can or cannot surf during certain weather conditions and how to read the waves in the best way as well as how to handle the equipment in the safest way, which surfboard is more suitable for your experience level and what spots are the best for surfing. Things you cannot really figure out on your own without years of experience in surfing.

At Aloha Ocean Adventures, our surf school, we see surfing as a part of our culture, tradition, and lifestyle. We are some of the only born and raised Hawaiian surfing instructors left, teaching not only surfing but the Hawaiian culture.

You can get private surfing classes, where you get a personal instructor who will teach you the basics how to carry the surfboard correctly, how to get in the water with your surfboard successfully, how to balance your self on top of your board. These are of course if you are a complete beginner. If you have prior experience with surfing but are not an expert and would like to learn more, the surf school will teach you how to learn to get over the white water breaks, the correct ways to sit and stand on the board and some advanced maneuvers.

If you want to learn with your family or friend group but don’t want any strangers around, the semi-private lessons are just for you. The best way to learn how to or get better at surfing, especially if your family or friends group have different levels of knowledge when it comes to surfing.

Our Hawaiian owned and operated surfing school, Aloha Ocean Adventures, we value your safety and make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. The authenticity of our school and knowledge has helped us become of the best surf schools on Maui, and our students always leave with a smile on their face.

Our friendly instructors have been remembered and loved by many local students, who returned for more classes within a couple of days. Come and join our school for a class or two and see for yourself why we are loved by so many locals and revisiting tourists.